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Efforts underway to repatriate Ethiopians from Kenya: Command Post

Efforts are underway to repatriate Ethiopians who have fled to Kenya from Moyale, according to the Command Post established to oversee the implementation of the nationwide State of Emergency.

In a press conference issued today, Assefa Abyou, Commissioner General of the Federal Police Commission, said that from 7,000-8,000 Ethiopians have fled to Kenya from Moyale, fearing for their safety.

The government of Ethiopia is undertaking various activities to bring them back home, he indicated.

According to him, illegal movement of arms increased in the country recently because of security problems in the neighboring countries and interest of external forces to add fuel to the violence occurred at home.

As a result of the joint efforts of the Command Post and the public, hundreds of weapons and up to 20,000 ammunitions were intercepted, he said.

In order to ensure safety and security of the people, the Command Post is taking measures against anti-peace forces that have been trying to plunge the society into chaos by circulating erroneous information via social media, he said.

He finally called on people living in many parts of the country to continue to their normal life and do their normal activities.

The Command Post released more than half of those who were detained for violating the nationwide emergency rule.




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