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Selam Tesfaye's New Pre Wedding Video

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The Ethiopian culture is one of the wealthiest in the African mainland and has generally stayed untainted throughout the years. All things considered, the Ethiopian social wedding service is an incredible sight! Coming up is a snappy arrangement of what's in store when you go to an Ethiopian wedding!


Telosh is a service that is held two days before the principle wedding. This function is held at the lady of the hour's folks' home (or her home) and is commonly celebrated by the lady of the hour and prep and their families. As the prep and his family display endowments to the lady of the hour, which more often than exclude a wedding outfit and adornments, there is a series of acclaim from the visitors. Subsequently, every other person who is available gives his or her blessings to the lady of the hour.

The Groom's Arrival

On the wedding morning, the prepare sets himself up at his home, in the organization of his groomsmen. In the interim, the bridesmaids accumulate at the lady of the hour's family home, where the lady of the hour begins to prepare. The relatives additionally get the house arranged for the imperative guests.

At the point when the prep and his company get to the lady of the hour's home, they find everybody, including the lady of the hour, prepared. The general population in the lady of the hour's home go outside singing a customary tune that says they won't let anyone in. As a major aspect of the fun, the prepare asks to be let in. After a short pull of war as melody, the prep is let into the house where he strolls to the lady of the hour and presents her with blossoms. The lady of the hour recognizes this blessing with an embrace and kiss, after which they are escorted to their auto. Everybody at that point goes out, gets into their autos and heads off to the following function.

The Photo Program

While in transit to the setting for the following function, the camera and video group take pictures and recordings of the 'street party.' The wedding auto leads the pack, and the various autos take after. Every one of the vehicles have blooms hanging out of their windows, and everybody inside sings conventional wedding tunes. Everybody at that point stops off at a beautiful garden to take wedding photographs for around 60 minutes.

The Knee Kissing

Knee kissing is the subsequent stage in an Ethiopian social wedding. After the photograph shoot, every one of the visitors make a beeline for the lobby where the wedding function will happen. At the passage, the colossal grandparents and grandparents (wearing social garments) of the couple sit sitting tight for them to arrive. On entry, the lady and prep stroll up to them, express gratitude toward them and bow down to kiss their feet. The immense grandparents and grandparents at that point give the couple their gifts. The guardians, assuming adjacent, likewise favor the couple. The couple at that point strolls into the corridor.

The Wedding Lunch

As the couple makes their great passageway, their flame young ladies, blossom young ladies, bridesmaids and groomsmen lead them in with customary tunes. Every one of the visitors get up and welcome the couple. The blossom young ladies lead the parade, dropping brilliant bloom petals for the couple to stroll on. After the couple has welcomed every one of their visitors, they stroll to a side of the lobby where their seating region has been readied. Customary melodies fill the room as the lady and prepare advance through the visitors. The cleric at that point petitions God for the sustenance, after which the couple strolls to the smorgasbord zone where they serve themselves, trailed by the marriage party, and the visitors.

Engagement and Cake

Curiously, the official engagement happens upon the arrival of the wedding! After everybody has had their fill, the couple stands up and goes to an alternate piece of the lobby for the cake cutting and engagement service. As they trade their rings and cut their cake, the champagne is opened. Every one of the visitors are then presented with a glass of champagne and a bit of cake. The lady of the hour at that point tosses blessing bundles loaded with treat to the visitors as an indication of appreciation. The love birds at that point come back to their seats.

Name Readings

Next up in the Ethiopian wedding is the name perusing service. The lady of the hour and prep take pictures with each visitor, and afterward they are called to the phase for their first move as a married couple. After they have moved for a brief timeframe and everybody has taken pictures, the family and visitors go along with them on the move floor. The music played is a rich social blend of sounds from various clans in Ethiopia.

Now, the band gets celebratory messages from loved ones around the globe who can't go to the wedding. The band gets the names out one by one and passes on the desires to the couple as the function proceeds.

Supper at the Groom's Parents' House

After the festival at the lobby is finished, the love birds go the prep's folks' home for a supper party. The prepare's folks have this gathering for close family and companions, as a method for loosening up following a monotonous day. The night is spent thinking back about the day's occasions in the midst of discussion and giggling.


On the second day after the wedding service, the couple spruces up in customary outfits called 'Kaba' and go to where their folks have facilitated the 'Meles' (post-wedding party). Tonight occasion is for close family just, and includes bread cutting and giving the lady of the hour a moniker. The family gets together to cut bread, as lady of the hour's mom gives her little girl a moniker that everyone present will use in memory of the wedding. Each couple must have a Meles, as the whole Ethiopian social wedding service is deficient without it.


At long last, on the third day after the wedding, the 'Kelekel' (getting together) happens. By and by, the guardians of the love birds concur on the scene and welcome more distant family and companions who couldn't make it for the primary function. Toward the finish of this occasion, the guardians compliment their youngsters, favor them and say farewell to them. This occasion is additionally an amazing open door for visitors to meet for the last time before the following wedding goes along.

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